The history of bassets in Poland

The history of bassets in Poland began many years before Basset Club was formed.
It was 15th of April 1965, when first basset hound bitch was imported from England by Mrs Kalina and Jan Poźniak. Bred by Ms Victoria Pilbrow, her name was CORNELIA COUTIOUS.
She wasn't born in famous kennel, but in its origin she had the best traditions of English bassets. She was daughter of an English-Champion Fredwell Ideal and granddaughter of great Champion Freedwell Varon Vandal.


                                                                              Fredwell Varon Vandal


Two years later in 1967 she was mated to the Austrian male - HERMES Gurnemanz (Lindwurm du val Duchesse - Harstone Modesty). The first Polish litter was born on February 25th, 1967 , consisted of 8 puppies, including: Interchampion MISTER UNIVERSUM, Champion MARTIN EDEN and female MARKIZA. Both MARKIZA and MARTIN EDEN came to most pedigrees of polish bassets. That was the beginning of first basset hound kennel JAMNICZY DWÓR, from Moszna, small village in south-west Poland, most famous for its notable castle and since that time also basset hounds.
Moszna Castel

The next import was a male, BARTIE GERTIE of Bouchard ( Kitebrook ELOQUENT - Bassbar GERTRYDE OF REDICAP ), excellent in type, heavy boned basset, bred in England by Ms. J. Francis. In 1971 mated to CORNELIA he became a father of NUMA Jamniczy Dwór, which exported to Czech Republic became Champion of Chec Republic and also
Tree bassets from Jamniczy Dwór kennel were a foundation for kennels in Czech, Slovakia and Hungary.
 In the year 1974 another kennel z Gangu Długich, formed by Ms Barbara Larska from Olsztynek has started breeding bassets. First bassets in "z Gangu Dlugich" kennel were female SALLY (BARTIE GERTIE of Bouchard - ROMA Jamniczy Dwór) and two imports: ARLENE and AL CAPONE Moravskie Orlice. ARLENE became foundatin bitch for the kennel.
In 1980 MELANIA z Gangu Długich (GUIDO von Wackeistein - ARLENE Moravskie Orlice) was mated with one of the best bassets in Germany - Longfellow ANTHONY ADAM. The litter was born included: Champions GRETA GARBO z Gangu Długich (4 x CACIB) and GOLDA z Gangu Długich - World Winner (Madrit 1983), and also GLENCORA z Gangu Długich (1 x CACIB), Champion (2x Res. CACIB) GARY COOPER, CACIB GIGOLO, CACIB GIGI AMOROSO and Res. CACIB GREGORY PECK z Gangu Długich. Gang Długich kennel has been breeding bassets till today.                                                                                           
GOLDA z Gangu Długich - World Winner, Madrit 1983
Dogs from Poland became foundation stock in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany and contributed to breeding in some other countries,for e.g. , Finland, France, Netherland, Russia..

Several imports were to come in the following years. The most influential ones have been:

-BARTIE GERTIE of Bouchard
-AL CAPONE z Moravske Orlice CS
-FELLOW BOY Rooster's
-YANKEE ,LEADER von Bengalen
-LEU vom Herzogtum Jülich
-Brackenacre JUPITER
-Dusan's WISE GUY, Champion of USA, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, first basset imported from the US by Ms Małgorzta
Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska, The Clubs former and The President.
-JACKSON van Hollandheim
-Bobass BUBER
-CHIVAS Thurgesa Playa
-CHICO Thurgesa Playa
-ELLIOT van Hollandheim

History's wheel has come full circle. After 10 years bassets came back to Moszna. On April 2002 first Basset's Club Dog Show held (judge: Gottfired Dratva - Austria), reported a record number of 104 entered dogs. The Honour Guest of Basset Club Show was Ms Kalina Zofia Poźniak and invited Guests:
Barbara and Wojciech Larski, Ms Bogusława Patrzykont and Mr Sifried Peter.
Invitation for Basset Club accepted also Mr Hans Muller - President of FCI, Mr Andrzej Mania President of Polish Kennel Club.
Basset's Club in Poland exhibitions are widely appreciated by the exhibitors from Poland, Belarussia, Belgium, Czec Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, which is also demonstrated by the attendance.

I Basset's Club Dog Show Moszna, 28.04.2002 judge: Gottfired Dratva, Austria, President of Basset Club In Austria
II Basset's Club Dog Show Moszna, 27.04.2003 judge: Paula Sunebring, Sweden, Swede Sun Kennel
III Basset's Club Dog Show Moszna, 25. 04.2004 judge: Sigfried Peter Germany, „Le Piqueur” kennel
IV Basset's Club Dog Show Moszna, 24.04.2005 judge: William O'Loughlin, Great Britain - „Bassbarr” kennel
V Basset's Club Dog Show Moszna, 01.05.2006 judge: Kersten Scheel, Denmark, Scheels Kennel
VI Basset's Club Show Moszna, 23.09.2007 judge: Francesco Lamarca, Italy, Della Luna Caprese kennel
VII Basset's Club Dog Show Jelenia Góra, 23.08.2008, judge: Carla Gerber, France, van Hollandheim kennel
VIII Basset's Club Dog Show Kraków, 06.09.2009, judge: Rudy Smits, Van Grunsven kennel
IX Basset's Club Dog Show Gołochów, 18.09.2010, judge: Nigel Luxmoore - Ball , Great Britain
X Basset's Club Dog Show Moszna, 01.05.2011, judge: Tomasz Mroczek, Poland, Bassbaryton kennel
XI Basset's Club Dog Show Będzin, 29.04.2012, judge: Marina Markio, Finland, Prinzland's kennel

Since 2008 Basset's Club in Poland also organizes seminars, done by leading canine reproduction experts. Veterinarians with vast knowledge, scientific and practical experience. During seminars breeders have oportunity discuss with invited experts such topics like: canine reproduction, whelping, maximising fertility in the brood bitch, neonatal and pediatric care and many more.
The new initiative of The Club met with approval and great interest of breeders, so certainly it will be continued in subsequent years.
Bassets still enjoy a popularity. At present there are usually about 10 litters bred per year. The list of the active kennels, mostly small ones, avaliable stud dogs can be found on Club's web side. Polish breeders wishing to breed sound, healthy and good looking hounds. They import new dogs from leading european kennels such as:
-van Hollandheim;
-van Grunsven;
-Moravia Bray;
-Moravia Bento;
-Swede Suns;
-Turgesa Playa;
-Uvalsky Bobr;

Up to date 2012 Polish-bred bassets have collected 20 International champions 1 World Winner and 1 Junior World Winner.
There are 19 active basset hound kennels, 6 Petit Griffon Venden Basset, 1 Grand Griffon Venden Basset and 2 Basset Artesien Normand kennel. Dogs from Poland became foundation stock in Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherland, Slovakia, Lithuania, and contributed to breeding in some other countries like: Germany, France, Spain, Denmark,
Finland, Latvia, Czech Republic, Italy, Norway, Russia, USA, Canada and Mexico.

Ambition of Basset Club in Poland is to organise European Basset Specialty Show in Poland with cooperation of other european Basset's Clubs. We hope other Clubs will find it of interesting idea and supprot us of doing this event.


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